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yup, they suck

Take your hating mobile!

Canucks and Canuck fans ***********************

Canucks fans think the Canucks are so great, especially greater than Calgary, yet they finished lower than the Flames this year, lost more games to Calgary, and have shittier players (quite the accomplishment). And dont talk about getting raped by Boston or your presidents trophies cause Calgary has a better win percentage overall since thier inception, has a cup, and when they lost to tampa in 03 they had a much stronger case for being ripped of by the NHL. And quit whining about the refs to ********************


Loss to the that the ninth or tenth straight loss in a row now....oh well no surprise as such shame..disappointment..and lack of will has always been the

I would make a better coach than Willie


And I am just a small dog.

I cannot stand it any more

I am just a small dog but even I know the Canucks suck big time.

Leafs are tanking

Leafs are taking, dont talk shit about them. 

Canucks rock

Canucks are good. Leafs suck


The canucks are wearing there flying skate jersey on home ice, shots 28-10 for leafs, crowd is cheering for the leafs!!!!! AND THEY ARE CHEERING LOUD TOO!!!! Canucks loose again. PEICE OF SHIT FAN BASE, SHITTY FUCKIN CLUB...NOTHING TO SHOW FOR!!!!!!!!!! fuckin loosers

Go whatever else Go

WHow fuckin stupid can you possibly be to sign a pair of the fuck do you trade that??? You can't! You won't get jack shit! There stuck w a top lign that can only b changed with one fuckin player!!!! Jesus fuckin Christ man!  Way to change things around once in a while and make things interesting....I'm fuckin sick of seeing the sisters play there "on ice soccer".  CAWCKSUCKERS!!!!!



It's ok!

It's ok to be a Canucks fan, as long as your honest to yourself and the ones u love...that the Canucks have made some very bad decisions and will never win a cup!!!!!

Jerk king Monahan

Monahan needs to stop jerking off Gaudreau and play some real hockey. Johnny is almost out of jizz. He'll be known has Johnny No-Sperm.