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yup, they suck

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Most Teams

99 prcnt of the teams don't win the cup and The Canucks are one of them.Sick of Benning over paying avg players like Sbisa,Dorsett and now Sutter.what the hell man?

Cole cassels the 3rd line centre


Cole cassels will never amount to nothing more than a 3rd line Centre in the nhl. If he gets your dick hard as a canucks fan it's because your a fag, fagget !!! As 4 the sedin fucking people's mom's, well it ain't in the playoffs. They're the only two in the nhl that take it in the ass during playoffs and don't give it back. Calgary with dougie Hamilton now has one of the best d corpse in the league. Edmonton with mcdavid. Toronto has upside with management changes. Ottawa has eric Karlsson that they are building around. Winnipeg getting the canucks have fallen out of contention. Hey canucks fans..what if your draft picks are a Hodgson..and a bunch of others I can't name because they amounted to nothing. I will say though ..sven baertchi will be your savior. Can-not fans : with all those tough losses you've swallowed in the past, your now well known as the fan base that SWALLOWS. SUCK EM DRY YOU BUNCH OF HOMO'S.

Hard nigger

Canucks are the shit cole cassels got such a long cock the heads still in Oshawa while he's at training camp in vancity. The sedins don't share a room cause they're banging each other but they sure as hell are banging the shit out of your wife and daughter 

When will they trade the sardines?

Trade the loser sardine sisters!!! There has to be a team willing to give at least a bag of used pucks for these overrated homos. I heard they didn't even take the barbie bunk beds on the road trip to Calgary cuz they knew they couldn't win.

Suck my D

Lul all u hating on 44+ years of success oooohh kill em. U wasting ur time trying to make fun of a team with no flaws. My boi Horvat is the next Yzerman combined with Lemiuex. My boi Virt shot is harder than Charas and makes me my D hard. Kesler jump shipper is half the player my boi McCann will turn out to be. My boi Cassels gives me a hard every time I look at him shutting down McBust. Y'all hating on the OG's of the NHL. If u don't like me blow me. Lulululululul

- OilersFansuckFlamesfansblowIjizz

Fuck the can-nots





Alright let's start by saying that the canucks are not a Canadian team. A Canadian team takes pride in hockey and wins at it. They can do neither ..on another note the new era of canucks fans are talking about their draft picks ..LOL did you hear jake Vartanen shot a puck through the net like Shea weber..except from 5 ft out ..during practice. ..he's the next connor mcdavid..what a joke. Although there is upside he will want out of vancouver just like Kessler did if he ever wants a cup. A lot of canucks fans are also optimists now ..stating things like we over achieved getting your ass handed to you in the first round is over achieving then you have truly accepted that the canucks have fallen to the shits. After anaheim beat Calgary I think even calgary fans realize they have some work to do. As for the canucks there is a recurring theme..every year they prove year in year out that they are the one Team that doesn't belong in the playoffs. SUCK A FAT ONE CANUCKS FANS.

boycott these loosers

Do not support these pathetic players.Do not buy their not buy tickets.Do not go to the games.Do not bow down to the Sedins.This club will never have the drive for play off hockey.They are the worst liked team in the NHL, because no one respects them.They are there to fill their fat bank accounts.We HATE the Canucks.And hey, what a stupid name as well.Canuck is the sound made when their heads hit the ice.

Just the worst



canucks give news conferencs

So they sit down, no remorse.obvious they are happy to vacation and get away from hockey, cause hey, I might get a bruise if I play more.They have the balls to say , just wait til next year.Things will be great! I really hate this team.unfrickin believable.Where do these assholes get off?Hockey is just getting started, and again these posers bail.No guts, no glory.wimps.I wonder if they have the guts to look at this site.