Canucks Suck .org

What's a bigger joke, the team or this website?

Take your hating mobile!

Go whatever else Go

WHow fuckin stupid can you possibly be to sign a pair of the fuck do you trade that??? You can't! You won't get jack shit! There stuck w a top lign that can only b changed with one fuckin player!!!! Jesus fuckin Christ man!  Way to change things around once in a while and make things interesting....I'm fuckin sick of seeing the sisters play there "on ice soccer".  CAWCKSUCKERS!!!!!



It's ok!

It's ok to be a Canucks fan, as long as your honest to yourself and the ones u love...that the Canucks have made some very bad decisions and will never win a cup!!!!!

Jerk king Monahan

Monahan needs to stop jerking off Gaudreau and play some real hockey. Johnny is almost out of jizz. He'll be known has Johnny No-Sperm.

We all should be nicer!!

Everyone is so angry on here, be happy and love every team

Chop my dick off and call me Caitylin

U mutha f-ers talking about the Devils? Who the f are the Devils? That's right a team with 69 FANS LMAAAAO HAHAHA. Where the Oilers at? There usual spot the bottom of the league hahaha hahaha. Look at Calgary sucking dougies Hamiltons dick now what they suck! Yall be tripping thinking the Canucks suck we the best mutha fuckers niggars f yall dick sucker. Get that jizz off ur eyes and take that dick out of ur ass gay ass mutha fuckers faggot fuck u lund suckers. New Jersey is the bestest.

Weakest Conference in the League

It's a good thing this fucked up team of losers is in the wekest conference in hockey. It gives them the illusion that they might make the playoffs LOL.

No guts, no loyal fans,  no cups and no hope




Imagine if the Canadiens hung up every Division banner?

They probably throw them away 'cause the banners mean nothing!


Not a Canucks fan but whoever made this page has no life lmao


If you cheer for the canucks you are one pathetic loser!!!


Autism isn't pretty


I suspect the canucks may be autistic. Perhaps they could transfer to a league for mentally and physically challenged players. They would have a better chance of being competitive there. Also, are the canucks the biggest losers in NHL history? Three chances, ZERO cups! Please tell me what kind of fool could cheer for these fuckin losers.