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The Car Burners are Shaken

Well Miller finally had a shitty game and I am wondering how long it waill take for:

a/ the "fans" to get on him

b/ his head explodes, he has a pouty melt down and helps carry this team to a bottom 10 finish

Hopefully LUCIC will run him over again and mknock the purse off his shoulder.

How long till the Carburners they call fans figure this out and start blazin p the city again?


Vancouver Canucks are the most disappointing team in the NHL. Year after year they always let their fans and city down. Finishing 24th last year, how the hell do the Canucks organization think that they will be a playoff team. Even if they do , who cares what's the point if your going to be eliminated in the first round by the likes of Blackhawks, Kings, Blues, Sharks, Stars, Ducks , etc. . let's face it compared to these teams Canucks are nothing. they are relying on Ryan Miller who is old and past his prime to take them to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Vrbata has no chemistry with the sedin sisters, and Nick Bonino will not be as good as he was in Anaheim cuz he's playing with shit players unlike Getzlaf , Palmieri, Perry.this team does not deserve to be in the playoffs because they make the playoffs worse, stick to playing golf you let downs.

Pariah of the league

This team is always pumped up in Canada to b more of contender then they are. Fans have arrogance (or is this just ppl from Vancouver in general?), thinking the "bold" prediction of canucks being a contender is legit and the fact they suck is just hard luck. Eastern CanadaCanada for some reason loves this crime riddled boring city that's biggest selling feature is it's got mountains and woodlands nearby, loves BIG government and one of the hardest cities financially to live in. U think with terrible transportation, no nightlife and limited entertainment, the Canucks wouldn't need the full court press every year just to get decent fan support. Steve Moore, riots after last 2 cup finals, throwing jersey's for a couple loses, introduction of both rope-a-dope and diving into modern game to go along with probably the most disfunctional front office in pro sports, this city and this team are made for eachother. Look forward to this "hockey market" to show its true colors during lean years that are coming.


Came across this site today.

So refreshing to see a site that tells it like it is. The Canucks are the joke of the NHL. Always have been always will be. They will soon be celebrating their 50th anniversary. The commemerative yearbook should be titled 50 Years of Futility as there is absolutely no chance that they will have won a Cup by then. They'll be cupless at their 75th and 100th anniversary too. They are a total embarrassment and an eye sore on the face of the most beautiful city in the world. If there is a God they would cease to exist. 


S#!% flows down

Now they have a rookie coach, rookie GM, rookie president, meddling owner (who knows nothing more then casual fan about hockey), fan base that will throw jerseys on the ice after a couple loses to copy-cat Edm fans (pretending like they're recent history has been much harder to endure then 15-20 other teams in the league).  Something like 50 NHL starts for ALL goalies in system, bunch of aging vets that look on the steep decline of their careers, Kesler on his way out and the weight of the world on Horvat and whoever they draft this year to turn this thing around ASAP with terrible depth on the team and in the system.  No real game changers for free agents and not a tun of cap space if their was.  This is all following up back-to-back quick playoff exists by finishing 6th worst in a 30 team league.  Even if they catch some breaks there is no reason to think this team will be anywhere near the playoffs in an extremely competitive western conference.

More Pizazz

I added some pizazz to the suck-o-meter to better track the suck-factor (and yes those are sig figs). It should also help pass the time for all the Canucks fans who currently have nothing to watch on tv.

Classic Canucks!

It is playoff time and they are nowhere to be found. At least they are consistent.

Team that hates integrity

From creation of the rope-a-dope technique that blew up in many teams faces this year (canucks included) to the success of diving brought on by the canucks use of it during the '11 cup run, the worst is faking a serious injury to gain a major penalty in a game that is meaningless and already over.  Last time I saw a player be carted off like that he had 3 major procedures in a 2 week span, not kept in the back room for procation and taken to hospital an hour later to double check the "all good" diagnosis.

Trevor linden?

I recall the canucks not winning the cup when he was on the team. And please tell me more about his winning team management experience.

there's always next year

To the so called canuck nation...there's always next've been hearing that line since 72'.