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What's a bigger joke, the team or this website?

Take your hating mobile!

S#!% flows down

Now they have a rookie coach, rookie GM, rookie president, meddling owner (who knows nothing more then casual fan about hockey), fan base that will throw jerseys on the ice after a couple loses to copy-cat Edm fans (pretending like they're recent history has been much harder to endure then 15-20 other teams in the league).  Something like 50 NHL starts for ALL goalies in system, bunch of aging vets that look on the steep decline of their careers, Kesler on his way out and the weight of the world on Horvat and whoever they draft this year to turn this thing around ASAP with terrible depth on the team and in the system.  No real game changers for free agents and not a tun of cap space if their was.  This is all following up back-to-back quick playoff exists by finishing 6th worst in a 30 team league.  Even if they catch some breaks there is no reason to think this team will be anywhere near the playoffs in an extremely competitive western conference.

More Pizazz

I added some pizazz to the suck-o-meter to better track the suck-factor (and yes those are sig figs). It should also help pass the time for all the Canucks fans who currently have nothing to watch on tv.

Classic Canucks!

It is playoff time and they are nowhere to be found. At least they are consistent.

Team that hates integrity

From creation of the rope-a-dope technique that blew up in many teams faces this year (canucks included) to the success of diving brought on by the canucks use of it during the '11 cup run, the worst is faking a serious injury to gain a major penalty in a game that is meaningless and already over.  Last time I saw a player be carted off like that he had 3 major procedures in a 2 week span, not kept in the back room for procation and taken to hospital an hour later to double check the "all good" diagnosis.

Trevor linden?

I recall the canucks not winning the cup when he was on the team. And please tell me more about his winning team management experience.

there's always next year

To the so called canuck nation...there's always next've been hearing that line since 72'.

Get a new battery for the SUCK-O-METER!!!

The beauty of these useless band of jackoffs is a never ending source of pleasure!



anyone else feeling really happy right now?!?

Canucks Nation

If canucks dont make the playoffs  this year there are always years ahead. Every team goes through this phase, and once its over there will be a new team. the fan base and thr hockey market in vancouver is huge,the west (pacific/central) division is very competitive.for  the canucks it is just a matter of ignoring the haters proving them wrong


enter the 3rd period with a 3-0 lead and choke it all down the drain within 4 minutes. then lose to a bottom feeder (without tavares)...but wait! now the canucks are the bottom feeders. watch the entire central division overtake them in the standings.